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You and your staff work hard to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere in your bar

Sexually aggressive and violent behaviors, which are more likely to occur in alcohol-serving establishments, can quickly destroy the atmosphere that you and your staff work so hard to create. Bars and restaurants from across New York State are creating a new standard for customer safety and experience by participating in the Safer Bars movement to prevent sexual aggression, harassment, and violence in their nightlife establishments.

Are you ready to raise the bar in customer safety and experience? ​ 

Make your bar a member of Capital Region Safer Bars today.

  • Create a safer and more enjoyable environment in your establishment for all patrons and staff
  • Ensure your staff has the tools and confidence to step in when patron safety is at risk
  • Reduce your liability as an alcohol-serving establishment
  • Improve your restaurant space and policies to enhance customer service and safety
  • Raise the standard for excellent service in your bar and leadership in your community

What is a Safer Bar?

Bars and restaurants that participate in the Safer Bars program are leaders in their community.  They prioritize patron comfort and safety and understand that a good time out is one where patrons don't have to worry about experiencing harassment and violence. In fact, Safer Bars regard such behavior as unacceptable. They take responsibility for creating a bar vibe that is inclusive, welcoming, and comfortable for all patrons and they take pride in the fact that by doing so, they are committing to a higher standard of customer service and experience, and community wellness. 

Why Should My Bar Become a Safer Bar Member?

You are a Community Leader
Bars and restaurants are where people go to relax, celebrate, meet new people, catch up with old friends and more; bars help set the tone for our communities. Being a Capital Region Safer Bars member is a clear way to show the community that you are dedicated to creating a safe and thriving community.
Sexual Violence is an Issue.  We hate to say it but it's true- just take a look at the stats . Even if you don't think it's an issue in your bar, it's an issue in the nightlife community around you. Successful bars choose to be proactive  by learning how to prevent violence and by being prepared if it occurs.
Staff Preparedness & Reduced Liability
Through our trainings, your staff will have a greater range of strategies to use in addressing unwanted sexual aggression and other forms of violence that are directed at themselves or patrons. With staff that are better able to recognize and address problems early, aggression can be stopped before getting to the point where you need to file an incident report or call the police. 

Better Bar Promotion  
When you become a Safer Bar,  you get to market yourself as having a higher standard for customer service and experience that makes you far more attractive to patrons. You also gain an ally in promoting and advertising your bar. We promote your establishment throughout the community and on college campuses, in online ads, and through our social media. We also provide you with a window decal to enhance your bar’s image and to designate you as a Safer Bars member. 

A Better Bottom Line  
Being a member of Capital Region Safer Bars means that you are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment. Staff who feel empowered and safe stay longer and patrons who have positive experiences are more likely to return and to tell their friends. Bars who have used this program in other locations have seen an increase in patronage and positive reviews.  

How Does My Bar Become a Member?

Becoming a Safer Bar is easy and free!

Meet with our staff to determine how the program can be most helpful to your bar or restaurant.

Have your front-of-house staff participate in the Safer Bars training which includes:

  • (2) - 2.5-hour sessions held between (2) and (4) weeks apart where we come to you.
  • Training can be held in your bar or at another convenient location, on weekends, after hours, or at any time that will be easiest for you and your staff.
  • Maintain that at least 70% of your staff are trained in the program. 
  • Lastly, we'll give you free materials to post in your bar identifying yourself as a Safer Bar, including posters and window decals. Then, we'll invite you to participate in at least one Safer Bars community event a year.

Participating Safer Bars have access to ongoing support and assistance on how they can make improvements to staff training, house policy, and their establishment's physical environment to raise the bar.

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